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Your online source for Gourmet Flash Frozen And Live Wild Caught Seafood

SoCalMeats.com is a Gourmet Flash And Live Seafood Distributor. SoCalMeats.com provides frozen gourmet seafood for Restaurants and Families wanting a higher quality meat product at a lower cost than grocery stores. SoCalMeats.com provides:

At SoCalMeats.com we use only all natural gourmet flash frozen beef steak, our meat is steroid and hormone free.

Choice or Higher

our gourmet flash frozen beef steak is graded by the USDA at Choice or higher.

Dry Aged

Dry aging is a method of having the natural breakdown of the gourmet beef steak, tenderize the meat.

Wild Caught Seafood

While we strive to provide only Wild Caught Seafood, we do occasionally sell farm raised shrimp and tilapia.

Flash Frozen

Flash Freezing is a process that freezes meat in seconds, maintaining the freshness and natural vitamins and minerals in meat.

Vacuum Sealed

We vacuum seal our products for freshness and convienence. We also employ portion control, which makes for recommended portion sizes ensuring your healthy eating.

When buying in bulk, you save trips to the grocery store, you provide a convenient way to feed your family, and allow greater choices for your family members. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)gourmet beef steak, seafood and chicken products are much easier and faster to prepare than traditional meat products. By using the IQF method of freezing, we lock in the juices, minerals, and vitamins that meat can lose while sitting defrosted at a grocery store. Plus we throw in the added bonus of HOME DELIVERY.