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Gourmet Hamburger Patties

Gourmet American Ground Beef

Gourmet American Ground Beef
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Double R Ranch ground beef is flavorful, juicy, and makes your burgers, meatloaf, chili, tacos or any favorite recipe more delicious! This restaurant quality product is sourced from grass-fed, grain finished Northwest beef and ground in our very own facility to ensure the highest quality possible. Double R Ranch ground beef comes in convenient one pound packages for easy storage and great portion control.


Gourmet Wagyu Beef Hamburger Patties

Gourmet Wagyu Chopped Steak Patties
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Recognized as "the world’s most decadent gourmet burger,” American Wagyu Chopped Steak Patties have been featured extensively in major media outlets including CNN, the Today Show and The Wall Street Journal. Crafted from 100% American Wagyu beef, each gourmet burger is made using a patented "Ultimate Patty" method ensuring that juices cook-in and stay-in for an exceptionally juicy burger. Each patty is a generous half pound and available in a 2-pack (1 lb.) or a 6-pack (3 lbs.).


Gourmet All Beef Hot Dogs

Gourmet All American Beef Hot Dogs
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Your Online Source For Gourmet American All Beef Hot Dogs

Double R Ranch hot dogs might just be the best tasting dog you've ever tried. Our dogs (we also like to call them "franks") are all beef and made in the Northwest using a one-of-a-kind family recipe. Smoked with a blend of real hardwood, our genuine deli franks have a mouthwatering flavor and delicious bite. Frankly speaking, we dare you to find a better hot dog!


What Are Gourmet Angus Chopped Beef Steak Patties

Our Gourmet Angus Chopped Beef Steak Patties, are just that, chopped beef steak, not hamburger, not ground round or mystery meat. Just plain old beef steak, ground up and formed into patties. An 80/20 mixture ensures a quality tasting steakburger, that won't shrink up on you or be so dry you don't want to eat it.

Why Buy Gourmet Angus Chopped Beef Steak Patties

Host traditional cookouts the whole family will love. For classic cookouts fire up the grill with Gourmet Angus Chopped Beef Steak Patties. Our steakburger offers a tender beef burger bursting with flavor. And our chopped beef steak patties let you build a better burger, slider or meatball at home.