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What makes a steak juicy and tender?
The biggest factor in tenderness is the cut of the steak, where the particular steak was on the cow and how much work it did. For example, the tenderloin(Filet Mignon) does nothing, it is nothing more than filler on a cow, since it does no work, it has no muscle, since it has no muscle it is very tender. A chuck steak(most beef sold in grocery stores) is from the shoulder, cows stand and walk around all day, every day, this steak is surrounded by muscle and is used all the time, to throw a chuck steak on the grill and cook it, would be bad, it is very tough and should be slow roasted. Juiciness, comes from the marbling in high end steaks, marbling is the white flecks you see in a steak, the more marbling, generally the more juicy that steak will be.
What is the difference in the USDA grades for steaks?
The USDA for consumers has 3 grades; Select, Choice, and Prime. The differences are the amount of marbling in the meat and the color of any fat along the sides. There are specific guidelines set by the USDA, for more information click here USDA Beef Grades
How do you keep lobsters alive during shipping?
Your hand graded lobsters have been packed with seawater soaked newspaper or fresh seaweed to keep them moist, and frozen ice gels to keep them cold
You sell Lobster Bisque, how is it shipped?
We sell Lobster Bisque in 12oz cryo-vacced bags, the bags are boilable, that means you can heat the lobster bisque in the bag you received it in.
What is the best time of year to buy lobsters?
Generally, the best time of year to buy lobsters is before Memorial Day (before the summer tourists arrive) and after Labor Day (when the tourist leave).

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