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Your online source for gourmet beef steak, and wild caught seafood.

As a Gourmet Food Broker,

I can't sell directly to the general public, but I do know who can.

After spending a lifetime in the Gourmet Food Brokering Industry, I have decided to share some of my connections with the internet public. Although, most of my work has been done behind the scenes, meaning hardly anybody who isn't in the industry would have never heard of the companies or contacts I work with, trust me when I say they are big and popular brands. Socalmeats.com is a wholesale distributor, of fine meats, seafoods and poultry products. So, I have put together here a listing of some of the suppliers/merchants that I work with that can sell to the general public, suppliers that sell the absolute finest gourmet meats and seafood. After all, when was the last time you saw a Ribeye steak at your local grocery store? Never, but I bet you saw one on the menu at the last 5 star restaurant you went to. How do you think these restaurants and caterers to the elite get their Maine Lobsters, through companies like these that catch them, put them in a box, and ship them overnight to the rich and famous. Now you can have Live Maine Lobsters Overnight.

After so many years of buying and selling quality beef steaks, I have learned what makes a steak tender and delicious, a lot of it comes in the preparation, but even the finest chef in the world can't make a cheap steak tender or good to eat. The top chefs start with the top products and work their magic from there. That is what socalmeats.com is showcasing, the top products from companies that supply products to Heads of State, Heads of Companies, Celebrities, etc. Chances are if you have heard their names on TV or movies, or in the paper, they have eaten Steaks and Seafood that socalmeats.com has had a hand in. And, if it is good enough for them, it is sure to impress anybody you sit down to dine with. And, don't worry about the preparation, there are recipes, instructions, videos, and directions on how to prepare all of these products like a Maser Chef would. And, if you can't find what your looking for drop me a line through the socalmeats.com contact page. Not only have I bought and sold the finest gourmet meats, seafood, and chicken, I always had a little extra to cook up for the office. After all, you can't very well sell what you don't use, can you?